Green Space

Greening Campuses

  • EAUC Biodiversity Guide (search for "Biodiversity Guide")
    This Guide encourages universities and colleges to incorporate biodiversity into their environmental management and create new opportunities for wildlife on all campuses across the UK
  • Evergreen
    Evergreen is a registered national charity founded in 1991. They are a national non-profit environmental organization with a mandate to bring nature to our cities through naturalization projects

Green Roofs and community garden

  • Rooftop Gardens
    The Rooftop Gardening Project is an innovative partnership between Alternatives, an international cooperation network, and Santropol Roulant, a community organisation in Montreal. Together we are making widespread rooftop gardening a reality in Montreal and around the world. Our novel soil-less gardens empower urban residents to produce their own food, green their neighbourhoods and build healthy communities

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